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Posted by on 1998 Aug 29 |

Corresponding Power Perception Messages

(The Three Provinces: Akroeg 355)

Here is a helpful reference of power that you can perceive in various areas now, as updated by a member of the Order of the Black Fox. These are grouped from the least power to the most, and separated into groupings for easier recognition.

Notice how the streams of power begin to surface and flicker at first, then become stronger until they finally go from the quickest pulsating to a steady glow, and then brighter and brighter? Perhaps this will help people adjust to their all new power perception, and recognize the various helpful levels of mana in an area. not a trace vague (trickle) hazy (little) dimly flickering flickering (moderate) flickering strongly rapidly flickering faintly shimmering shimmering (fairly strong) shimmering strongly slowly pulsating pulsating (powerful) quickly pulsating (call this barely massive here) faintly glowing (massive) softly glowing glowing powerfully glowing (incredible??) softly shining (incredible and more) shining powerfully shining brightly luminous luminous slightly luminous brilliant flaring flaring brightly softly burning burning brightly burning blazing blinding (I’d say its safe to assume that this is the highest)