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Posted by on 1998 Oct 24 |

Directions to the Lute Room

(Crossing, Zoluren)

Those interested in seeing the cavity in the sewers which once housed the Lute need to take some shoes or boots they do not mind getting wet, because this is a sloshy trip into the sewers.

As you cross the Oxenwaithe bridge headed west, turn south as soon as the Goodwhate Pike begins and you have cleared your westerly step off the bridge. Four blocks south you go until you see a rickety fence. Here there is a grating that will allow passage into the sewers.

Once below, head south. You will come to a sharp bend in the sewers, do not turn here, but instead look for a gate and enter it. Ferocious silverfish live in this section, be wary of that as you slog through.

Head northerly now, until you come to a fork in the sewers. At this first fork, take the northwest way, and continue to head northerly. At the next fork, you need to turn northeast. From there, go all the way east until you see a mound. Climb up the mound, and you will be in the Cavity.

The Lute which Ponlahk stole, which people defended, of which the bardess Wren dreamed, once stood here next to the desk on a stand.