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Posted by on 1998 Nov 3 |

Evil or Not, Still Beware

(Crossing, Zoluren: 358 Dolefaren 355)

I’ve traveled through these lands for a while now and I can’t say I’m the holiest or most religious of people out there. I believe in the Immortals enough that they’d help us in times of great need and offer us protection from the Starry Road in the form of favors and offer Clerics and Paladins special skills and spells. When I first heard of a new religion that was formed, I didn’t think anything of it as I feel people are allowed to worship as they please.

As many people were, I was outraged when I heard of the story about the sacrifice. Whether they killed him on holy ground or not, the point is they killed him after asking him for his assistance. He clearly didn’t enjoy being tied up and cut repeatedly and then ultimately killed. It was even stated his death was "quick and painless". Do they really know that? Were they in his place when he was repeatedly cut, then have to watch, wait, and listen to their indicision as to who would kill him? To me that can cause emotional and physical pain. Then they subjected an innocent girl, Jenny, to watch as all this happened because she happened to be following Lady Fran around.

In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t trust this new religion or its members.:

First off they tricked someone into being their sacrifice, then later said he agreed to help them. I think if he knew what the help entailed, he would have declined. Now they did not exactly lie, but it is a play on words. A half-truth is a whole lie.

Second they are all weak of character, at least those that were at the sacrifice. Some showed hesistation in killing Dahan, but he was killed anyways. Some showed hesitation in gaining their "gift" but they did it anyways…all the things Octa wanted them to do, like marionettes controlled by her. Also their conviction in what they are doing for this religion must not be very strong for them to hesitate so often.

Another reason I find it hard to trust them is they only have a select group of worshipers, 13 people. It is hard to accept something that will not accept others. What is the reason there is only 13 members, no more and no less? The Immortals will let all partake in rituals, observances, etc. But the Circle does not wish others to be present. There may be others out there who want to worship this new religion, but cannot because they do not know what to do.

My last reason for not trusting them is their vehemence of trying to be accepted and trusted. I believe if they simply meant no harm, they wouldn’t go about trying to convince us how harmless they are. They would not have to voice out and blow their own horns on what they’ve done to help society, let word of mouth through others work for you since many have trouble believing you. By trying to defend yourself against everything, people may think you have something to hide. I’m not saying don’t stand up for your convictions and beliefs at all, just pick and choose which ones you can win, like the one about the cause of the storm. The best defense is not always to stand up just because you think you’re right, but instead to walk away and avoid conflict. Let your actions speak for you instead of voicing out against those who try to break you down. Had I heard the story of two of Octa’s brethren aiding in the restoration of the Resurrection spell from any adventurer, I would have felt better about them, bu

As to the aiding in recovery of the Resurrection spell, I thank you. But without that spell, everyone, even you 13, are subject to death and walking the starry road. You may have done it for all of Elanthia, or you may have done it to save yourselves. Sort of how you killed Dahan for yourselves.

I would not open my arms to someone I’m not sure I can trust because later I may find a dagger stabbed in my back.

Right now, my suggestion is to let them be give them time to prove they mean no harm, but be wary of their actions as we still do not know their true intent. If they ask for aid, do not help for you don’t know what they might do. If they tell you something about themselves and the Circle, do not believe it is a whole truth or even the truth. Those who are thier friends or family, treat them as you always did for you are our best eyes and ears on what they are doing.

I’d say the Circle still has a rough time ahead of them. You don’t know who to trust, who hates you enough to attack you, and you have yet to prove in the eyes of all citizens that you mean no harm.

Whether they are evil or not, still beware.