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Posted by on 1998 Nov 2 |

Evil witches? Think again!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 356 Dolefaren 355)

After taking a few moments to catch my breath and cool my temper, I decided that it was time to write a clarifying article and give it to Baresh. In one of the other stories here, Cause of the Storm, or some such drivel, the "Circle" was blamed for the recent storms. Such audacious assumptions people are making! Surely it is things like that which will prompt further hatred towards us and possibly have us killed. That the witches caused these storms IS a pure falsehood, according to Crossing’s own Cleric Guildleader, Tallis.

The following quotes are taken from a conversation with Tallis that Kalira forwarded to me by way of parchment … I hope she doesnt mind me writing it here.

Tallis was asked if there was anything we could do to defeat the malign prescence.

Tallis replied, "The day may come when all must walk the road. What you seek to accomplish now, may give you the beginnings to aid when the world is less simple."

She was then asked if the malign prescence was due to Octa.

"Octa is of no import to you. These are things beyond her meager knowings," cleric leader Tallis responded.

Please pay careful attention to what Tallis said in reguards to Octa and the Circle. We had nothing active to do with this. Further more, me and another one of us "witches" helped deliver candles so that the raise ability was restored.

For the life of me I can not recall the exact voice, but a voice whispered in many’s head the other night in Crossings, and perhaps other towns as well. All around us the storms crashed and people fell like ants crushed by a giant foot. The voice spoke in a soft whisper. It told people, both clerics and witches(Ogredd) alike to light candles at dawn’s light, and soon the darkness would end if they did.

Ogredd and Phangor came barreling into my room where I was enjoying a cozy cup of tea with my fiance Ghanan beneath a carefully propped pair of umbrellas. They were babbling about visions and what not. My peace disturbed I rose to my feet and muttered at them loudly … perhaps cursed is a better term.

But they got me into the spirit of things, and I asked for the cooperation of the gweth and got word passed up north to lagerby, who found me a moonie with a beam in Crossings. Using Ghanan and Ogredd’s cooperation with Moongate, I took out a large sum of money from my bank account and hopped through the gate to Riverhaven, where candles are sold.

Glancing up nervously, I realized that dawn was nearly past! I ran to the cleric shop and stuffed my pockets with as many candles as I could carry. Oggy gated us back to Crossings and I passed out the candles I had near the East gate. Some clever soul caught on that the candles needed to be offered on the Crossings altar, which is where I told people to go after lighting them.

Sure enough, soon after the candles were offered, murmers arose from the crowd.

The raise ability was returned.