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Posted by on 1998 Oct 29 |

Eyewitness Recounts the Prelude to Octa’s Blood Ritual

(Crossing, Zoluren: 341 Dolefaren 355)

We have watched as the Realms divides their loyalties before our very eyes as the issues come to light surrounding Octa and her Circle. More revelations leak out day by day, even as the "Chosen" circle wagons and try to justify everything away.

This night, I have learned from Jenny, one of the other eyewitnesses of that blood ritual upon the sanctified grounds of the Siergelde what transpired before Drowlynn got there.

Jenny Catkin is just a young girl, still living at home with her Mother and Father. Her friend, and older companion which she looked up to and adored, Lady Fran, had joined Octa’s Circle of self-proclaimed "witches" already, and Jenny was accompanying Lady Fran.

Jenny’s agitation over what she witnessed was evident as she told us, "I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for andaen. But someone must know what really happened! I don’t want to make enemies, but these people were wrong to do what they did."

"Well, I was with Francesse, and she said she was meeting these magic people. I didn’t know they were witches," she said with a blush.

"Octa didn’t want me to stay, but I was curious, so I kept sneaking back. Finally, Octa said I could stay with them, and they went looking for a ‘pure’ man."

Jenny looked thoughtful for a moment, "Or maybe it was ‘innocent’. Something like that."

"They found Dahan, praying, and asked him if he would help them. Then we wandered around for a very long time. Octa kept saying she had to find the perfect spot."

I asked, "Did they tell Dahan what they needed his help for?"

Jenny replied, "No, she wouldn’t tell him, just said that they needed his aid."

"When she picked the ruins, in Siergelde," Jenny continued, "Dahan kept asking if what she planned to do was sacriligious, and she kept saying no."

"Then she made him move off a ways and told him to wait." While he was away from the main group, Octa "made everyone take out a symbol of the gods and throw it on the ground. And crush them." At that point, Jenny began to weep softly.

"And they all renounced the Gods in favor of what they called ‘The Power’. It was horrible."

"Then, Octa brought Dahan in … and," she stumbled over her words, "… and he was tied up. He kept asking what they were doing. Octa said everyone had to cut him with a knife. And everyone did … even Francesse …"

She went on to verify to us the details that Drowlynn told us. Octa told them that whoever killed him would get "The Power" first. As most of them hesitated, Dahan’s eyes were turned to Jenny.

"But Dahan kept looking at me first! He was so scared! But he kept saying he forgave them. He kept saying he…he forgave them for what they were doing…" the young girl broke into tears again.

She told us that Sadar had killed Dahar after each of the others had made a cut on him. "I … I wanted to stop them, but I was too afraid. So I just stood there when they killed him."

She was sobbing and distraught while she recounted this vile act she had witnessed. Lochdonnan and I tried to comfort her, and assure her we would make sure that people knew. That people could ask Jenny if they had any doubts of what they have heard.

How many eyewitnesses does it take to recognize Wrong? How many more innocent ears, eyes, and lives will be tainted by this little plot of Octa’s?