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Posted by on 1998 Oct 27 |

Forest of Mystery No More

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 326 Dolefaren 355)

I believe to have solved a mystery. For those of you that have no idea what I’m speaking of, please read Forest of the Night, Forest of Mystery that I wrote.

About 90 elanthian days ago, while making a stop by Leth Deriel’s town healer one of my Apprentices and myself met two young rangers. They shared a very interesting and intriguing story. They had heard women voices bickering in the Forest of the Night, and when they searched, they found nothing.

Mind that even young ranger can find someone hiding or at least feel their presence. There was no sign of anyone hiding. To add to their confusion they had an eerie feeling all of a sudden, which made them decide to leave and get to town.We met them at the tent and after the conversation we headed into the Forest of Night.

After an hour of search there was nothing, no voices, no eerie feeling, not a thing. The rangers weren’t drunk and with the look of fear in their eyes I doubted they were playing tricks on us so I decided to ask a Ranger friend to investigate. A few days later he confirmed it. He had been in the forest for hours, and as he was leaving, the same thing that has happened to the two young rangers happened to him. I sent a report to me through a friend; he refused to return to the forest, and I understood. If there is one thing a Ranger may fear, is something strange in their own territory, the wilderness. I couldn’t make heads or tails on this situation and decided to wait and see.

It wasn’t until I saw what Octa has said five days ago when I put the puzzle together. I quote "The three who survived were brought to the Forest of Night by their enemies, and trapped inside of a tree" Now if three women were trapped in a tree for centuries, even if they are family, sooner or later there will be arguments and what can they do? walk out and take a timeout? All they can do is … bicker. Octa said they freed themselves recently, which would explain why the voices weren’t heard before, because they were still in the tree trapped and unable to make their voices heard.

What I still want to know is WHO trapped them in the tree and WHY were the other members of their ‘Circle’ burned? was it truly a religious purge or something else they aren’t revealing?

These three women are defying our beliefs, defying our gods and our way of life by converting people to their ‘Circle’. Everyone has to follow a path, I just hope those who have chosen to follow these people don’t end up being burned themselves.

I will now again wait and see. Sooner or later we’ll see them for what they really are, and then, may Meraud shine his light upon us all.