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Posted by on 1998 Oct 6 |

Forest of the Night, Forest of Mystery

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 234 Moliko 355)

Me and my one of my Apprentices were on our way back to The Crossing after a long night of hunting a few days ago. Looking at our wounds we decided to make a stop by Leth Deriel’s town healer. As we were laying in the tent getting our injuries taken care of by the elven empath two young rangers came in, both with a look as if they had seeing a ghost, or worst. We both looked at eachother and as I was about to ask them if they were alright they began, well, continued their conversation should I say. To protect their privacy I won’t reveal their name, but I will write the convesation.

"Do you think that was normal."

"No, not at all."

"So you felt it too?."

"What did you feel?"

"An eerie feeling, you?"


"Alright, we’re aren’t drunk, we aren’t mad, so what’s going on in there?"

And that was my cue.

I asked "Excuse me, but we’re curious now, whats going on where? if you don’t mind answering. " "Well.." (They looked at eachother and I suspect they whispered to eachother to see if I was thrustworthy or if the story would make them look crazy)

"Me and my friend here were hunting in the Forest of Night, when we heard some voices." His friend nodded in agreement.

I replied "Ah, must’ve been by the fog, where the undead calls for your name?"

"No, we know that spot and we keep clear of it, this was somewhere else in there."

I raised my eyebrow, it gets more interesting.

"The voices seemed to be female, women bickering, fighting."

I smiled and said "Well, that’s no surprise, so you hear women yelling at each other, and you overheard, correct?"

"No sir, they were not yelling, we just heard it."

The second ranger added "Yeah, and then we searched all over, there was nobody but we two there, and we still could hear them! …and then we had an eerie feeling, we both decided to leave, it was too strange."

"And when we got here, well, you know what we said"

I nodded, concerned. I questioned a bit further, with no other information than what they had already shared. We went to investigate, and there was nothing. Rangers are more aware of things in the wild, and the Forest of Night would be a place in which they may notice or hear things I wouldn’t be able to sense or hear. I’ve asked a Ranger friend of mine to investigate further, this occurence may be a warning of things to come, or maybe it’s just a sick joke. But i fear that this is no joke, and that Leth Deriel and it’s inhabitants may be in danger.

I can’t say the L’karm are behind this, but I wouldn’t be surprise if they were, they’d love to have Leth Deriel under their control, this may be a sign. Too many possibilities, Meraud help us. I’ll await for my friend’s results on this, and I hope that he provides the answer we need.

By my hand

Wyndguard ~Warrior Mage~