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Posted by on 1998 Aug 28 |

Homes For Sale!

(The Three Provinces: 91 Lirisa 355)

Today, the much anticipated land rush of the Realms’ landed folk began as club members laid claim to the home and site of their choice.

There were community dwellings and individual homes in the neighborhoods in the large cities as well as the outlieing villages.

Arthe Dale sports a delightful community on Berry Knolls, complete with berry bushes (for fresh tarts!) and cottages, or for the traditional halfling, knolls to live in.

A number of towers in The Crossing seemed to catch the eye of many mages, while themed apartments were popular with others. A lovely community overlooking the south side of the Segoltha opened up just steps from the ferry docks, but well out of the way of the hustle of the Crossing.

I have not seen any of the areas to live in towards Riverhaven or Leth Deriel, or further north or south but I understand they are delightful there, too.

There seems to be something for everyone!

I found a quaint cottage in a very quiet neighborhood which must be near a chocolate factory for samples are laid out on a table just outside my door. The moment I saw that, I knew that cottage had my name written all over it!

Merchants are scrambling to keep up with the work orders for remodeling and decorating all the new homes. Prices vary, but being a home owner is not an inexpensive proposition.

Then again, neither is being a Tavern keeper.

Happy house hunting, and remember to bring some good spirits to each housewarming you attend!