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Posted by on 1998 Oct 23 |

Immolas Attack Sicle Grove

(Sicle Grove, Therengia: 316 Skullcleaver 355)

I was sitting around in the town green of Crossing when I noticed a few unusual deaths. Well, I turned on my gweth just in time to hear that tanri and folsi immolas were attacking Sicle Grove. Apparently a group of people had wandered in and started to hear strange whispers in the area around the fissure. A few moments later, at least twenty immolas jumped out of the crack where the Adan’f staff had been destroyed by Digmo, Amiss, and Demosel.

Back to my story, I had arrived at Sicle Grove, climbed the gateway, and saw absolutely nothing out of the ordinary except for a few more people than usual.

"Immolas north and northeast!" one of the people yelled.

Well, being the careful sort I moved north and peered east. There were atleast seven immolas and even more corpses in that room. Naturally, I stayed where I was.

About ten minutes later, that wave had been destroyed. I had cast a lightning bolt upon one that would’ve killed a gargoyle, or even a guardian, but it hardly seemed to be hurt at all. This thing had stamina, and the fighting abilities to match judging from the amount of deaders.

The next wave arrived about five minutes after the first one was decimated, this one also containing a large number of folsi and tanri immolas. It was in this group that I got my first good look at them. The tanri immolas had glossy black crossbows, firey-red bolts, an’ double chain mail; th’folsi immolas only had th’chain mail.

I went to work, using lightning bolts and attacking them at melee if there were several other people on it, and if there were no other tanri immolas in the immediate area. Again I failed to kill anything. After either the third or the fourth wave they stopped coming, and as a result many people left the area. Then the next wave arrived, the largest yet. Earlier we were fighting to drive them off, now we were fighting for our very survival. They came in several large groups till the living had been driven back to the gate and the area north of it.

It was there I managed to bring down my first immola, a moon mage managed to put it to sleep, so I strode over and started bashing on it with my broadsword, it died quickly. Then several tanri immolas entered and I was forced back to the gate room, where I managed to kill a folsi immola with a well placed lightning bolt. We beat them eventually, but there were more dead than living.

After several more waves, it seemed we had beaten them. I was standing around next to the fissure, when a voice from within its magma filled depths arose, confirming my suspicion about where these firey creatures had come from.

It said, "It’s been fun watching you die, mortals, tell all your friends there’s a new Beast in town!"

I think that the voice from the fissure was from the creature which was created when the staff was destroyed.

Finally, one more wave came, but it was weak compared to the earlier ones. It was crushed quickly, and with that the battle was over.

With the invasion over, we went about dragging people out of Sicle Grove into giant piles of bodies outside the gates, where empaths and clerics worked to see that none of the defenders lost their possessions.

Now here’s a basic idea about what these creatures are like and how to fight them. The immolas are basicly troll like fire demons. The folsi immolas use their fists, punching their opponent with powerful haymakers and other attacks. They are also able to charge at an opponent from pole weapon range.

I’d say that they are just a little bit easier than a blood warrior to dodge, but they hit very hard. The tanri immolas are the deadly ones, using heavy crossbows and firey red-bolts that can kill just about anyone. They have very high perception, which makes it hard to sneak into a room and attack them that way.

Finally, both tanri and folsi immolas can throw their spit like a fireball, which often kills or severely injures the target, or they can use it to heal themselves a bit. The best way to fight them with magic is to use lightning bolt, mental blast, or at melee, arc light. With weapons you should probably use ranged unless there is a skilled fighter taking them at melee.