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Posted by on 1998 Oct 25 |

Leth Deriel Strongholds Identified as Apostles Recruit for Defensive Assignments

(The Provinces: 330 Dolefaren 355)

The Apostles, an organization for defending the Crossing, have gone to what amounts to war readiness. Rock Loyalheart, the leader, is recruiting citizens from all walks of life to help in the effort.

With all the activity of the L’Karm surrounding Leth Deriel, the Apostles feel that the area is crucial and cannot fall into L’Karm domination. A former L’Karm officer, Egiel, continues to provide Rock with valuable information and insight into Ralel’s plans.

If you want to join the efforts, either as support, preparation, or direct defense, write to Rock at: to receive all the information as the plans unfold.

People who may find themselves in dangerous tasks that may confront us in the future should remember:

  • Get plenty of favors, now. Keep an extra favor orb ready to prepare just in case, too.
  • Store your important things. Only keep what you need, and what you can bear to lose on you.
  • Make up healing potions in advance. Know what they do and when to use them.
  • Get your weapons and your backup weapons blessed.
  • Become familiar with stronghold/triage areas and any potential fighting areas that you might not already be familiar with. Grab some maps and do some of your own recon real fast.
  • Know where to find power, and what areas can support whatever level of power you need for specific magic tasks.

The Apostles’ Basic Plan for an organized defense entails:

  1. Strongholds for healing, ressurecting, departing, glyphing, blessing, rallying, and information.
  2. Patrols Patrols and leaders
  3. Self sufficient and organized groups to focus on smart fighting
The strongholds in and around Leth Deriel have been selected for their good power and location. These are:
  1. The Temple in Leth Deriel (Use the path two blocks northeast of the town’s center, the Sanatai Dya’us Tree, to enter the Temple)
  2. North of the City at the Glade, enter it via the footpath on the Trade Route where the skunk is.
  3. South of the City at the Abbey of Tamsine’s Rest at the North Lawn by the gap to the maze (directions from Leth Deriel’s southwest Deobar Gate: sw, s, sw, sw, s, go trail, go gate, go path, n, w, nw, n, ne)
Additionally, if needed in the Crossing, the Apostles maintain a stronghold at Gathrend’s Court. The proprietor of the Inn opens his doors for the citizens during trying times. Gathrend’s Court is located on Boar Alley, one block south of the main road leading to the Northeast Gate. From the Crossing Hospital, go two blocks east, and one block north.

Other organizations may maintain seperate centers for healing and caring for the dead, when that information finds its way to me, I will be sure to report it for you.

The paladin patrols will lead well balanced and self sufficient groups of defenders in assigned tasks. At least eight of these large and small groups are needed. Not all duties require combat, remember. Oftentimes the most cricital parts in the chaos of pitched battles are the support and information-gathering efforts.

Ideally each group on patrol will include:

  • Several paladins, with a clear plan who to join if the leader falls in battle.
  • A bard to inspire the group with war chants. (The more bards the better, but hey, I am biased …)
  • A Cleric who can effectively deal with undead should they arise, keep weapons blessed, and generally, well, defend!
  • Warriors
  • An archer or two (do not forget to guard the archers!)
  • Some who can hide and stalk well
  • Seasoned front line Moon Mage
  • Warrior Mages
  • Front-line empaths will know whether they are most needed in patrolling groups or in the triage areas.
And each group should be able to provide:
  • on the spot first aid and herbs to limit unneccesary deaths
  • plenty of favors
  • know where to quickly get your hands on supplemental armor or weapons if needed
  • Draggers to move the poisoned, dead, seriously stunned folks quickly out of harm’s way.
  • Runners to keep in constant touch with other groups and the Stronghold
  • Spies to keep up to date information flowing
In the chaos of war time and life-threatening battles, remember to keep your cool and stay organized. Protect those who need it, and look after your fallen. If the paladins can glyph weapons quickly back into the hands of those who have died before the usual crop of graverobbers arrive, we’ll have beaten not only the L’Karm, but the honorless vultures which plague the heroes of the Realms.

Have a plan and work the plan. Know where you will be aiming or advancing so that valuable time is not wasted with 10 people trying to get at the same opponent. Know how to effectively tell people how badly you are hurt or poisoned, and know how to watch for stuns in those around you.

There are probably many suggestions and lessons from the Gorbesh Wars that could benefit people who were not there.