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Posted by on 1998 Oct 24 |

L’Karm Correspondence Intercepted

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 320 Dolefaren 355)

I’m in a hurry, and was overwhelmed at the time, but the following letters were found today. Some of them are more legible than the rest. Someone else is going to have to provide the details of how they were found, it was all I could do to just keep up with this much.

This confirms it. There are rough times ahead of us, folks.

First, there was a parchment that looks to have once been a map of Leth Deriel. You can make out what could be a trail running from the north of town but the details are too obscured to make out properly.

Then the following separate letters:

Morganae- I wish you would reconsider your stand my Queen.Forgive my harsh words. I was out of line and make no excuses for myself. Stand with us Milady and we will return your House to the high place of oldSigned Ralel

Ralel- I cannot see my way to aid you in your venture at this time without further guarantees. Teridil,House of the Red Fox

Ralel- We…………appointed place. If all goes well……….an end to this nasty business. Morincaril, House of the Black Oak

she still curses your name but she does not actively oppose your works

Kerilidail– The fortress shall be in our grasp soon. I hope that you will honor our agreement and provide the support you promised. Ralel

Daderil– I want Gwindahl dead, no more excuses

Ralel– When will you take care of that woman? How can you expect us to take you serious when such simple feats pass through your fingers. Kernderil, House of the Granite Spear