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Posted by on 1998 Oct 26 |

L’Karm: Know Your Enemy

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 328 Dolefaren 355)

Upon one table near the bar, a small letter rests. In neat, flowing handwriting it seems to give some information about the L’karm creatures.


Here’s my list of what L’karm critters are out there, it’s in the order of difficulty.

Note that this is written according to my opinions, and mine alone, so it’s possible that it’s flawed. However, I have fought against all these creatures except for the Dark-Eyed Gentleman, so I have some idea about what these are like. It’s possible that you could kill an L’karm assassin in one hit alone, then get torn in half by an ichor rat with ten other people on it, but it’s not likely. This list is based on how deadly the creatures are when they are alive.

*- Denotes that I don’t know how hard this creature is, it could make a rock guardian look like a field goblin, or a field goblin look like a rock guardian.

  Ichor Rat– Easy to fight while they’re alive, the ichor rat only becomes dangerous when it dies. This is because when they decay, they explode and give everyone who fails to dodge their body parts flesh rot… DO NOT SEARCH THESE! LEAVE AFTER THEY ARE ALL DEAD!

Skunk– Common skunks are often used by the L’karm in their invasions, these are only dangerous when they spray and stun you with several more difficult creatures in the room.

Rock Troll– Claw rock trolls were used by the L’karm in one invasion from what I know, they don’t pose any real threat to a reasonably skilled warrior. An L’karm rock troll can be identified because of the leather arm band it wears.

Thug– These were used by the L’karm many times. They had no weapons or armor, instead they used their fists. An L’karm thug can be identified by the leather armband it wears.

Ruffian– More heavily armed and armored than the thugs, the ruffians are just a little bit trickier than the ones in Undershard because of their shield and slightly better armor. They aren’t really a threat to a skilled warrior, however they often attack with thugs so you may get several of them on you at once. L’karm ruffians can be identified by their armbands, their blackened broadsword, black wooden shield, and black chain shirt.

Dyrachis– The L’karm will often use dyrachis in their invasions. These creatures fire poisonous quills and can cause serious injury if you’re not careful. These are the second most dangerous L’karm creature to a person that uses ranged weapons or magic from missle range.

Pale Grey Death Spirit– I’ve seen these with ruffians in one L’karm invasion. They were claw spirits and thus hit were able to hit hard, but they were easy to strike and they didn’t have much vitality.

Darkly Clad Elf– Darkly clad elves are one of the more skilled soldiers of the L’karm. They are lightly armed and armored, but they are very skilled with their weapon, have high evasion, and enough vitality to take several devastating hits. They also have the ability to throw down spheres full of poison which are capable of affecting everyone in the room. They often attack with rough clad men and tattered halflings.

Rough Clad Man– Deadlier than the Darkly Clad Elf because of its better armor and weapon, the rough clad man is more difficult to survive than a death spirit. Like the elf, they have a good deal of vitality and can throw a sphere full of poison which affects everyone in the room. The rough clad man seems to be a follower of Urrem’Tier, judging from the obsidian scorpion amulet it wears. Do not fight these alone unless you can take Death Spirits!

L’karm Assassin– L’karm assassins are used by Ralel to kill people he doesn’t like. They wear armor that is similar to the leathers found at Wolf Clan, and have elven longswords. They are more difficult than the Rough Clad man because of their better fighting skills, similar vitality, and because they often will attack a target in groups of three. Another reason that they are dangerous is they can throw down the room affecting poisonous spheres. L’karm assassins often appear with tattered halflings, especially if their target decides to run. If you see Ralel whistling into the shadows, expect these to show up.

Tattered Halfling– Considered by some to be the deadliest L’karm creature, the tattered halfling is a master of the light crossbow. They are capable of killing people with over two hundred lessons in evasion with a single shot from missle range. Even armored people can not get away from these because they use slender tip bolts, which are notorious for being able to pierce plate. Their load time is around ten seconds, so you may have an opportunity to escape if you are caught in a room alone with one. Remember that they may chase you, though, so think about hiding. In addition to its light crossbow, a tattered halfling is capable of using the poisonous sphere. The halfling has vitality that is roughly equal to the elf’s or rough clad man’s.

* Dark Eyed Gentleman– I do not have very much information on these at this time, but I do know they have silver tipped scimitars and wear a sturdy black chain shirt. I have also heard rumors that these follow the Baron of Therengia, so they might not be involved with the L’karm.

Well, I hope this helped, and I wish you the best of luck against Ralel and his many followers.

-Karlich Impir