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Posted by on 1998 Aug 26 |

L’Karm Rising: Preperations to Attack!

(The Three Provinces: Lirisa 355)

Once upon a time there was a poor farm boy named Ralel… nono. I’m afraid it didn’t quite happen that way.

Long ago the Forest and Mountain elves formed an alliance together, against a common enemy … the humans. The symbol they flew on their banners was that of a mountain and a forest set over twin crossed-swords. This symbol has been seen recently on thugs/ruffians sent as invasions by the L’Karm. Thus went the human/elven war…the details of the war arent very clear to me right now, except for the fact that Morganae sat back and watched Corik be run out of Shard by the Dragon Priests without (openly) assisting him.

The wars may be over, but bitter tidings still exist from certain parties of elves. The little phrase "What we can not see can not hurt us" is proven to be completely false as I have seen in recent circumstances. The politicians of Shard are as deadly as a pit of vipers, and what they want … I am afraid to speak aloud much less write it down on paper. The elves pretty much ruled the world never forget that sort of power.

One political party that exists in Shard is the Reformation party, composed primarily of elves who wish to bring back the "old" ways. You might ask me how I have attained proof of this. Sentinel Kristef spoke with me and a large group of others one day. Someone asked him if Morganae was a leader of the Reformation party, but luckily instead of totally evading the question, he replied "not officially." When another curious inquirer asked why there had been Death Spirits sent after us along with the thugs and ruffians. Kristef replied that was said Necromancer’s had control over such things. Unfortunately noone asked about Catrayth, Ferdahl Kukalakai’s closest advisor. .. a rumored Necromancer (you do the math).

The L’Karm are a group of quasi-terrorists and their combat-field leader is named Ralel MaleIron. MaleIron is a thought-to-be-died-out branch of the Forest Elven(this too we found out from Kristef). Ralel is a bastard. In more ways than one (chuckles softly.) His mother was a Forest Elven noble by the name of one Lady Mewa and his father..was not his mother’s husband.

His mom died in childbirth and her husband, Ralel’s "father" died one year later. He became an instant heir and soon went to the royal court of Illithi. However he took a mysteriously long leave from court, and many soon assumed that he had died. One day he returned, acting cocky and self-assured. The very moment he arrived he was placed as the Speaker for the Forest Elven..which struck most as being very odd. A year later he took abscence from the post. Some said that it was his "big mouth" that got him into trouble and he was forced to leave. Another rumor was that he was assigned elsewhere. At the time he was one of the leading members of the Reformation Party.

There is smuggling going on, perhaps that is the main purpose of the L’Karm. There was that much admitted by one of the town guards. As well as an incident with the trader guild. GuildMaster Imaar asked the traders in the guild if anyone had time to deliver some "special" goods. He sent them to Noel’s arms in Riverhaven, where she gave them each sealed crates and instructions to deliver them to the town of Leth Deriel. When they arrived at the town gates Ralel appeared and gave each of them embroidered leather pouches with the L’Karm symbol on them, containing payment. Then he relieved them of their crates and went on his way.

There is also deception in Shard. Turn a blind eye if you will. Say that the Crystal City can withstand any battering ram. But no fortress holds strong when its mortaring rots away. Saemus, the guard that watches over Undershard, attacked an Augur I sent south to do research for me. Jaedlin was his name … Saemus froze him and told him that the L’Karm would be pleased to find his body broken and beaten in an alleyway. That he was the last true sentinel of the old ways. However, Mitzasha and Kristef entered the room shortly after and beat the living snot out of Saemus, allowing Jaedlin time to flee for his life.

There is so much to tell and not enough time to tell it. The public has branded me a martyr, but here I share with you most all of what I know. I would not be here without the help of many, and believe me, in the future, if there is a way to repay you, I will. A special thanks to Donnast, Riackard and Romeode for their assistance and support … this information would not have been gathered, shared OR processed without the joint effort of all three.

Waerd said he thinks they are strong enough now and he was told by a source that they are getting ready to basically attack the "heathen lands." Heathen lands being those controlled by the humans. So prepare busy Crossings. Prepare dear Riverhaven. And prepare mighty Therenborough. Your time to fight is coming again soon, sooner than I would like. Believe me, or do not, that is your own personal descision. But pray not ignore the fact that death is soon to be knocking upon your village gates.