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Posted by on 1998 Aug 28 |

Lute Watch Anniversary Party

(Crossing, Zoluren: 91 Lirisa 355)

Hard to believe as it may seem, nearly an Elanthian year has passed since the Gorbesh War and the Lute Watch. For many of us who participated, the latter was a peak experience of inter-guild solidarity and cooperation, and when it was over some of us expressed a desire to gather in the Lute Room annually to commemorate the event.

According to Dreamie’s calculations, Day 100 — which marks the approximate midpoint of the Watch — will fall this year on Sunday, August 30 of the Olde Calendar, beginning about 3 p.m. Elven Daylight Time and ending around 9 p.m. In the absence of higher authority, I have arbitrarily taken it upon myself to post scrolls in the message boards of all the guilds inviting those who were involved in the Watch to drop by the Lute Room during those hours at their convenience…a sort of Open House for the sharing of food and drink, songs and tales.

I hope all of you who remember the Watch as fondly as I do will make a point of joining the party. Tell everyone you see in the Realms; and if any mentors read this, I hope you will arrange for an announcement in the News.

See you in the sewers, Poet Firannion Matrevyn Bard of Elanthia and erstwhile Lute-Watcher