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Posted by on 1998 Aug 24 |

Master Artificier Owein De’Linael Visits Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 69 Ka’len 355)

After thoroughly going through half of the Crossing Estate Holder’s club food, Master Artificier Owein De’Linael set up shop for club members. Owein is an expert cambrinth artist, and sold many neat cambrinth rings, rods, roses, orbs and earrings. The cambrinth guild rings were very popular, as were the fancy silver rings embellished with a carved cambrinth dragon and the platinum and onyx rings shaped like a panther playing with a cambrinth orb.

While his attendants were taking care of the shop, Owein socialized with the Crossing folk on the Town Green. He made several items on the Green, right in front of amazed onlookers, that he then put in his shop for sale. A cambrinth gold fish, which he crafted on the spot, was particularly neat. We hope Owein can return to the Crossing soon!