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Posted by on 1998 Sep 4 |

Moon Mages Get New Guild

(Crystal Hand Fortress, Zoluren: 109 Lirisa 355)

It all started just a few days ago. Moon Mages all over Elanthia received two visions. The first vision, of a pair of jade-colored eyes watching over us. Many took this as a sign of a battle to come, however, I saw the eyes to be peaceful, very serene.

A few moments later, another vision occured to the Moon Mages of Elanthia. We stood inside a chamber, with a circular platform high above a volcano, a catwalk, extended to its edge. The vision faded after that. But before it had even faded, it brought to my mind, the Greater Fist, halfway between Dirge and Haven. After a few moments of thought, a few of us decided to hike up to the peak of the volcano, and search for the meaning of this recent vision.

After a few hours of long, strenuous hiking, we finally reached the peak of the volcano to find…absolutely nothing. Although our expedition party was not pleased, I was not willing to give up hope. As I opened my moongate back to Crossing up, Atanamir came through to ask me if i’d visited a new guild.

"What new guild?" I asked, not knowing what was going on.

Atanamir told me of a rumor he’d heard, of a trail, off the Northern Trade Route, near a Tunnel, and a bridge which leads to a fortress. We rushed over, running as fast as our legs could carry us.

Once we got through the tunnel, we picked up the search for a trail leading off the Trade Route. Eventually, Draphten, the third member of our scouting party sighted the trail, and off we went! We followed the trail westward for a few minutes, and arrived at a volcano, serving as a fortress.

The volcano turned fortress apparently was created by the Monks of The Crystal Hand. (Thanks Twelvestars) The use of this fortress eludes me to this day, and many secrets are probably lost in the past. I hope to one day unlock some of the fortress’ secrets. After climbing a staircase, the first thing that I noticed, was a large crystal encircled by runes carved into the rock of the volcano.

Apparently, I was shocked to the point of fainting after seeing this hand, and when I woke up, I was alone. I believe I was in a dream state for close to one day.

I visitted a nice sized guild library with many new books. It is a must see for any scholar of the guild! The Hall of Relics contains many items that you won’t see anywhere else, including a speck from the 4th moon, Grazhir!

I also visited the stone garden, which is an intriguing sight in itself. Only one thing remained for me to do: Seek out the leader of this fortress and speak with him. After a few moments of searching, I found another staircase, leading up to a slender catwalk atop the volcano. The catwalk was a very scary walk for me, because I have lead-feet.

Eventually I made it to a platform above the center of the platform. I realized that this was the same platform and catwalk from the vision I’d had on the previous day. A man wearing a white robe belted with a broad scarlet sash looked up at me, and introduced himself as Tiv. The two of us spoke for a while, and he seems to be a bit more charismatic then Guildleader Gywlyn, yet not as ‘Upset’ as Guildleader Kssarh. With the library, the hall of relics, and the pleasant Master Tiv, this is one place, any hard working moon mage cannot miss.