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Posted by on 1998 Oct 3 |

New Secretive Group Forming?

(The Three Provinces: Arhat 355)

As I wandered through the majestic city of Crossing the other day, I was requested to stop and speak a moment by a disembodied voice. The owner of the voice was seemingly a member of the guild of Moon Mages as he/she was not immediately visible, thus I can but assume they had cast the Moon Magic spell Refractive Field.

The voice informed me of a new group that has developed in the realms under the name of the "Li Alshabis." By the actions and words of the voice I can assume that this new group is extremely secretive and that they are very interested in the history and people of the Elanthian Provinces. The voice explained that I was approached because I am a scholar, but not of any note (as per my own doing, more is discovered when people do not know you before you speak with them). The voice offered me a membership with the group, but I was hesitant to accept as I do not like to pledge myself to any one group.

I was given a little time to think it over and expect to have the voice meet with me again sometime during the next few days. I hope to soon be able to report more to the people of Elanthia about this new group, and what they are all about.