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Posted by on 1998 Oct 28 |

No One Here But Us Witches!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 335 Dolefaren 355)

I’m sitting here in the Town Green of Crossings, trying to figure out a way to explain to people what "The Circle" really is. Last night me and a few other members, Ogredd, Bearbra, Larnae and Lady Francesse, tried talking to people in the Crossings amphitheater, to explain what we’re all about. Most actually listened, a fact of which I am insanely proud of. However two or three people there made speaking difficult, with shouts of heresy and other such nonsense trying to drown out our voices.

Let me try and explain a few things. Put aside your feelings towards me, whether they be good or bad, and just listen to my words…

The Circle is formed of 13 members. And ONLY 13. Its FULL. We consist of Moebe, Octa, Kerenisa, Sadar, Thorns, Ogredd, Myself, Larnae, Francesse, Rhydiah, Danniel, Bearbra and Qula. We are not going to accept any more members, nor we will try and "snare" any new members. We worship "the powers". A vague description, yes I know. The easiest way to describe it as sort of an aura..a sense of being..that which just is.

There are vicious rumors circulating at every turn. I dont even know where to begin. Many clerics are rebelling against this..but please try to understand. We are NOT out to destroy the Immortals. Not like we COULD hurt them anyways. We are just another religion, a one newly introduced. I wish we could just be in peace with each other, but as Lochdonnan and others actions have proven, this probably wont be the case.

You clerics out there know, that the 13 have good and bad aspects. And also, as it is stated by the Great Monk in the book of choosing a god, that all clerics should read before devoting anything, that to worship only 1 aspect and to shun the rest is perilous to one’s soul. It is the same with the Powers. It has a good side but a dark side as well, that must be appeased, and must be balanced. And in that balance, when we were all inducted to the Circle, a ritual came to pass, one that involved the sacrifice of human blood.

The volunteer came willingly, offered his help to us in whatever way he could provide. Drowdlynn and Drowd are running around telling everyone that we just plucked some jove off the street and knocked him off. That is NOT the case, he was a volunteer, and his death was swift and painless. Before anyone runs to grab pitch forks and torches, recall last years Dark Gods fest, where human sacrifices were made to appease some of the Dark aspects of your gods. In this way we are similar, and I really dont think we should be critisized for that particular portion of our beliefs.

HOWEVER— ritual sacrifice is not a regular part of our routine. In fact it will be most likely the only time that something like that must take place. As it has happened in the religion of the immortals that you follow before. It was not required, but it was considered a way to honor the gods.

If anyone cares to ask about our beliefs, we will be more than happy to speak. We will not go around preaching though. All we ask is that we be left to worship our way without being prejudiced for it. Now I ask that some of you recall your feelings towards me…whether they be kind-filled or hatred..think. Would I ever do anything intentionally to harm any citizen of Elanthia, unless they physically struck out at me first, or posed a threat? The answer is no. And the same goes for this religion.

It is the favors of your gods that have kept me alive for so long, and believe me, I owe them for that. Some of my children and family follow the holy magic, and I love them just the same. I hope they can look past my way of thinking and care about me just the same, and not let religions interfere. In a land where different races and guilds intermingle, I do not see why a difference in religion must cause such a riot. Especially since we arent out to "destroy" anything.

I will do anything I can to prevent any witch trials or witch burnings…and if the people of Crossings cannot be more civilized in this, I dont know what we shall do. Oh and by the way, I dont know where this "Acolytes" thing came from. And a tidbit for thought, the circle is composed of humans,dwarves,eloths and elves, not just based on one race. And the title for a male member of the circle is Morak’thu, for female it is Morak’tha.

Thanks for reading, Stand strong in your religion clerics, and do not waver!