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Posted by on 1998 Sep 11 |

Nobility is Alive and Well in Elanthia

(Crossing, Zoluren: 148 Shorka 355)

Upon having read the most interesting account by Adalina Youngtide, which has been unread by me until recent times and therefore unrefuted until now, I set my pen to paper.

I am most interested how quite common folk as Adalina and her friends appear to be, believe that they understand the workings of the nobility so well. It is claimed that women cannot be vassals; that they are marriageable chattel only, to be bought and sold at the whim of the King.

Firstly, where is this tradition practiced? I know of none in this realm. It was not so where I was born, and I had seen no barrier between the sexes in any avenue in this land when I arrived. Guildmasters and Guildmistresses coexist in equality, as do female Barbarians and warriors. Queen Morganae might have something to say about being considered mere chattel by peasants apparently quite uneducated in the ways of nobility.

Secondly, which King now has this apparent control over the Lady Nynis? If such a control exists, he has not seen fit to inform her, or me, since I am indeed her sworn Liege; this contract and ceremony has been witnessed in full public Court, and the spiteful whispers of her lessors in this matter shall not change that nor the nobility of her blood.

As for the very strange question, ‘does feudalism belong in Elanthia’, I think you should look to the nobles of the land, such as Baron Theren, the Ferdahl of Ilithi, and Queen Morganae and suggest to them that they are out of date. I imagine you shall gain your answer then.

With respect due,

Lord Rayth Blackmoore