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Posted by on 1998 Sep 26 |

Off and to the Side

(The Three Provinces: 209 Arhat 355)

This poem signifies my departure of Elanthia. To all who knew me, friend or foe … farewell. To all who didn’t meet me … you are the lucky, because you don’t have to feel remorse that I am leaving today, now do you?

Endless, endless, traveling This road which seems to lead nowhere I look forward, far as I can see And I look to the behind of me And I find nothing there. And then I chance to take a glance Off and to the side. Off this road which leads nowhere And find a road that’s far more fair And so I shall be passing there Boundaries defied… As I walked, I cried.

-With my entire heart and soul -Seugallus Magelynde