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Posted by on 1998 Aug 21 |

Opinion: The Undermining of the Juggling industry

(Crossing, Zoluren: 6 Ka’len 355)

Many of us have worked hard to buy a set of juggling items, which in turn have helped us all raise our perception and awareness against theives which might want to dig into out pockets. Most of us have knowledge that these items can ring up the cost of a few plats.

But recently, a tent arrived and placed itself outside our north east gate and started selling juggling balls for a fraction of of what most of us with these items have paid for, two silver kronars, masses flocked to buy dozens of pairs a person.

I feel that this tent should be burned to the ground and its ashes scattered accross the realm, sure, it gives everyone the ability to own a set, but for those of us who have worked hard to gain a set, it gives a sense of frustration and anger, our time wasted.

In my opinion more tents will be showing up and other items of rarity will begin to show up, and what will become of our work? Will we be underminded by these merchants? Will all our objects of rarity be worthless, by having more merchants introduce them into our economy? Will the time we spend to gain rare possestions be futile? I say no more. – my angered opinion.