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Posted by on 1998 Nov 7 |

Ralel Denies Ban on Non-Elves in Leth Deriel

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 373 Nissa 355)

I was talking with Salamae and Storym at the Sana’ati Dyaus in Leth. I had commented that obviously they weren’t paying much heed to Ralel’s demands, since neither of them were any more elven that I was. The words had barely left my lips when Ralel himself stepped out of the shadows and asked what demands I was talking about. Before I could reply he told us that he had an errand to run, and perhaps we should talk later.

After a while Ralel returned.

"What demands is what I want to know?" He asked.

A bit unsure now, I asked, "You have demanded that non-elves leave Leth, haven’t you?"

"Who pray tell said this? Did you hear that from my mouth?" He asked.

"Everleaf told us." Storym replied.

"She told us that she was your granddaughter." I added.

"Well," He told us, "Everleaf always has been a bit presumptuous, and her parentage is in doubt."

He continued to answer a few of the many questions that were asked of him. I’ll attempt to summarize here.

Ralel doesn’t support what Everleaf told us, thus it is safe for non-elves to be in Leth Deriel. My belief is that Ralel planned to use the "non-elves in Leth kill the Sana’ati" ploy at some point in the future. Everleaf let it out too soon though, and he had to go clean up the mess she made. He says that he only wants what is best for his people, and it is for them that he wants to take over Leth.

When asked at what cost would he reclaim the lost glory of the elves, Ralel replied "At whatever cost."