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Posted by on 1998 Sep 9 |

Revealing Secrets Reveals Character Flaw

(The Three Provinces: 137 Shorka 355)

A few nights back as I was teaching a few young mages in our Guild, a nasty rumor had reached my ear from a very reliable source within my Guild. A fellow Warrior Mage Guild is revealing secrets, like how to earn a dark talisman.

I’ve recently earned a dark talisman, after a few days of thinking about the clues and sorting the puzzle together, I managed to get a Falcon Talisman. My Quest for a dark talisman was quite an adventure. I met a young Ranger which lead me to one of the places I needed to get so that I would aquire a part needed to get my new talisman. A Cleric was kind enough to guide me to an alternative place where I would be able to dip my talisman into. And then i finally managed to find the last place where I’d earn my new Familiar. I had a few hints from fellow Mages, and the clues given on a certain tree to guide me along.

I can’t imagine who would be so small minded to the point to reveal guild secrets or solutions to quests which are there to challenge a mage. Please, if you want to help a fellow Mage with a quest or task which you have already solved … please just give a hint, nothing too obvious, just a hint so the person asking has a general idea of it.