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Posted by on 1998 Sep 22 |

Sir Darius on Ralel

(Crossing, Zoluren: 192 Uthmor 355)

Not too long ago, in the Paladin guild of the Crossing, Sir Darius took counsel with some concerned citizens …  

The Paladin Guild Leader Darius said, "Yes we are aware that Ralel is a Lord among the elves, That is why it is unpolitical to remove him through more common means. We have yet to connect anything solid to him, So the main authorities cant touch him."

Steeler said, "But sir, it is widely known that he has sent people out to kill maim and cause disease."

Darius replied, "Well we need a bit more proof that he is behind it then a few dead assassins."

Steeler added, "He just sent more people to kill others on Leth side of the ferry…and also tried to by the message you sent to the Mayor of Leth."

Darius responded, "He has not taken a personal hand in anything, and he has yet to bare the blade. He might be behind the tools, but its harder to prove this."

Steeler said, "You are right, But isn’t that still not conspiracy to commit violent felonies and Murder?"

"Well that’s a bit harder to prove Lord Marshal," Darius cautioned.

Steeler said, "But I do believe we have a reasonable suspicion. Maybe not Probable cause to convict but reasonable suspicion to ‘interview.’"

Darius said, "Well we cant just arrest a member of a royal family. Has he actually struck one blow?"

Steeler said, "He has offered money to find someone, and offered money for weapons, but he has never done something forthright himself."

Darius said, "He has to actually be caught doing a grave wrong to someone, which will be hard to do. Those types don’t dirty their hands often."

Steeler nodded to Darius.

Steeler said, "that is the hard part."

Darius said, "He has paid for some weapons bought through a legitimate guild." Darius shrugs.

Steeler asked, "What do ya suggest that we do? He personally offered money to get that message you sent."

Galadreas added, "I can attest to that… as I was the one he offered money to."

Darius asked, "What can you suggest Lord Marshal? That message was a warning to the Mayor of Leth about details of an assassination attempt."

Steeler asked, "Should we go to Leth and Set up some force to help combat any assassination attempts?"

Darius said, "A halfling named Gwindahl came to me and asked for my protection."

Steeler said, "I understand he has been quite abused by the L’karm."

Darius said, "The fellow had just escaped some enclave in the south, and had details about an attempt to sack Leth and kill the mayor."

Steeler asked, "The assassination information was given to you by Gwindahl?"

Darius nodded to Steeler.

Darius then said, "We put the fellow in a safe house."

Steeler said, "Gwindahl needs to stay protected, he has all the information. Hopefully he does not run off from safety."

Darius said, "Well until the little one decides to leave where I put him."

Meanne said, "he not stupid"

Darius said, "That was our opinion as well. Better under our eye then running around."

Steeler said, "Imaar I believe also had cargoes sent to Leth that were weapons and were received by Ralel himself."

Darius said, "I have enough problems trying to keep the north from rising up and really starting trouble."

Steeler asked, "yes, Sir Darius, should we try to focus protection for Leth and its Mayor?"

Darius said, "If the northern Barons decided to take a hand… We would have another Human/Elven war."

Darius continued, "As far as joining the Opreina Moracul… That will be up to Leth’s Mayor. She thinks Leth is invincible."

Galadreas asked, "Overconfidence?"

Darius nodded to Galadreas.

Steeler asked, "Is there anything that you can suggest we focus our attentions on so we can avoid another major war?"

Darius said with a shrug, "Wish I did friend."

Darius said, "The Guardians of Honor are good but are known to have their heads in the trees. Well its just that they have never been defeated. But they have never faced their kindred. I’m afraid when the time comes Leth will fall."

Meanne asked, "guardians of honor.. the Opreina?"

Darius nodded to Meanne.

Profesie asked, "That will damage the trade routes to shard, will it not?"

Maralika said, "Leth is our connection to Shard, all contact with Shard will be lost except through moongates"

Steeler asked, "Talking of the L’karm or Elves in general?"

Profesie suggests, "Steeler, I suggest we impose guards in Leth Deriel."

Darius said, "If Leth falls … The Barons will see that as a threat."

Alcedes asked, "And we have another war?"

Darius said, "Possible."

Galadreas said, "Then we must take some action to prevent its fall."

Profesie said, "We have no choice, We cannot survive without trade with Shard."

Steeler said, "So we need to make sure the Leth Mayor and its guardians are not Complacent."

Darius nodded to Steeler.

Darius said, "If you see the lady be sure to drill it in her head."

Steeler bows to Darius.

Darius said, "If she dies a lot of folks in the south really wouldn’t mind, she has been involved with a human, and many elves don’t like that."

Darius said, "Tis the rumor that they have a base of operation and many elven royal families have fallen behind Ralel’s leadership."

Steeler said, "Thank you for your time Sir Darius."