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Posted by on 1998 Sep 13 |

Temple Restoration Fundraiser Set

(Crossing, Zoluren: Shorka 355)

Today, from 8pm to midnight, (Eastern time) a collection on behalf of the Apostles for a fundraising auction will be made. All proceeds of the fundraiser will be donated to the efforts to restore the Temple in the Crossing.

We will be collecting all stuffs of the realm that you care to donate to make money to restore the temple. Large ticket price items will be donated to an auction to be in the realms at a later date. Small items that run 5 silver to 1 plat in street value will be set into a large raffle with tickets to cost 5 silver.

It is time to clean out your closet for a good cause!

Collection place: The Crater Rim, just outside the North Gate of the Crossing.

For those who need directions: From the North gate go N, NE, NE, E, NE, Go Copse, SE, Go Crater.