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Posted by on 1998 Sep 19 |

The Dangerouse Life of a Bard

(Crossing, Zoluren: Uthmor 355)

The realms are a dangerouse place! I dont speak of the monsters or the invasions and all that jibble jabble (all though those are a might bit scary aye?) I speak of the foolishness of one bard, Namely, Me.

Sitting in the bards guild with a right bit of Ale in me tummy, I decided it was time fer a swim in the brook. I brought this thought up to me fellow bards none of wich replied (looking back i think they might have been unconcouse from all the alchohol we had consumed) So I decided to go alone. Well out the west gate to the brook I went.

The water was relaxing and being drunk and all i decided to take me a little nap … on me tummy … face down in water.

Now let me assure you this is not recommended. The cry of my soul awoke me quickly and I realized I HAD JUST DROWNED …!

I was in pure shock. Had anyone drowned in the realms before? Well me pal Xilven came and fished me out I think Piextra had some say In it as well. Basicly what I say now is don’t drink and swim!!