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Posted by on 1998 Sep 5 |

The Hungry Squirrel

(Leth Deriel, Ilithi: 123 Shorka 355)

As I entered the gates to Leth Deriel, I took my normal route through the city on my way to Shard. Running along the streets of Leth,I passed a by someone new to me. I was in font of Morikai’s at the time and this little guy was quite new to me. Maybe it’s because I have never spent much time in Leth or it’s because I’m always running through it — but I was surprised to come a cross a squirrel.

What seem to be a war mages familiar at first turned out to be a local squirrel. Looking down at the little guy a few things came to mind, first thing was if he was hungry and of course I had some corn on me. He didn’t seem to want any corn or any other foragables I could get. Yet he stood by and ran about by feet looking for food and looking up at me with eager eyes waiting to be fed. I walked around looking for nuts or anything a squirrel would eat and I remember that I could find acorns in Shard.

Sending my raccoon after my friend with message at hand, asking for him to find me some acorns, I went about my search for nuts. I came across the vendor and grabbed some chestnuts to see if they would be to the squirrels likely but of course he didn’t want any.

The day went on as I searched and my raccoon returned with an acorn shell and I knew that this would not be enough for the little guy. After awhile of trying to start up a converstion with him, I decided that I wouldn’t get much out of him and said my good-byes. I am not sure if he is new to the town of Leth Deriel but if he isn’t then they have a new resident with a bright red tail and the spirit of a fighter — along with a picky stomach.