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Posted by on 1998 Nov 2 |

The Maker of the Storm

(The Provinces: 352 Dolefaren 355)

The recent surge of undead, lengthy storm of undreamt-of proportions, and blocking out of the powers of the Thirteen are all the evidence needed. We need only look to these so-called "Powers" and their cult of followers to find the culprits. Their ritual on the most sacred of places, the Siergelde, disrupted the strength of the Thirteen, giving the cult and their master time to act. And look what the result was!

What more proof do we need? Our gods, our lands, our very lives are endangered by these heretical murderers. They’ve betrayed us all, and it must end before they can do even more damage in the name of their dark master. I urge you all, my fellow citizens, to take a stand against this Circle and their dark magic, before we see our own ruin.