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Posted by on 1998 Oct 12 |

The Rest of the Deal

(City, Province: 269 Moliko 355)

Well, now we know the rest of the "cost" of the Information that Rianalee sold to us four months ago. Remember that "favor" she asked of Trynie when she handed over two artifacts and then answered our questions? [ed note: original article can be referenced here.]

She showed up last night and asked Trynie for the rest of the payment.

Trynie delivered a crate to Shard for her. It was locked, and she handed it over to an elf when she got there, with the code words something like "The L’Karm shall conquor all!"

Lots of people tried to talk Trynie into renigging on the agreement, but true to her honor, and at what must have been a terrible personal cost, Trynie delivered the crate, full of weapons.

So look who’s Rianalee working for now. And why do we trust her?