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Posted by on 1998 Nov 3 |

The So-called Evil Cult

(Crossing, Zoluren: 358 Dolelfare 355)

There was a human sacrifice, aye, an that was bad. But goin to such lengths as to accuse the people who commited that crime of causin that storm an the undead that rose out of it sounds like lunacy to me.

I adore the Immortals, I always have an I wonder how anyone could not. But they have their own minds an their own hearts. They can make their own choices. I have talked to a few who belong to the cult, I have read all the stories on them, I have listened when people talked about them. Ever since the day I first heard the name Octa, I have been curious about this woman.

When the story of the sacrifice first appeared, I was as outraged as a lot of ya were, I’m sure. But I started askin around, talkin to those that new the inner workins. I refuse to believe that many of those people would do such a thing to their fellow Elanthians. What purpouse would it serve them?

An if ya wanna talk about desecration of holy land, isn’t the cemetary holy land? Yet how many times a day are people found dead there? How many tournies go on there in a week? I know there are some people who have a real fear of the cult. But there are others who have only hatred. They seem to hate the fact that people could turn their backs on the Immortals that have done so much for everyone in our world, including those in the cult.

But before ya go gatherin your torches, pitch forks, an all, read the article again … pay attention to details. Notice when someone moves, how they move, what they do when they move. Pay attention to every person, be it one of the 13, the narrorater or the sacrifice. If you read closely enough you just may see what it is I saw, that which made me loose my fear an helped me gain hope. I pray to Eluned that this will help grant those of you who see with ignorance an hate to open your eyes an see with understandin.