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Posted by on 1998 Nov 4 |

The Truth of the Witches

(Crossing, Zoluren: 365 Nissa 355)

I have heard enough lies of the witches and their ritual. Everyone in the realms has listened from both sides of the spectrum but now it’s time for an independent veiw. The so called “blood rituals” you all have been talking about and outraged at are full of lies. You seem to think the witches are all blood-thirsty creatures that wish to desecrate our religion and destroy it when all they really want to do is practice their religion in peace. But first let me tell you of how I became involved.

The day these rituals took place I was healing in the Guild when I heard something about Octa and Moebe. I was pretty interested since hearing about her earlier. So I walked about town till I came upon a moon mage who located Moebe for me. So I walked to the Ruins and happened upon the circle. At first they all told me to scoot and move but I resisted a bit and left. But to my mistake I went the wrong way and ended up having to wait out their ritual.

After a while I peered to their room and saw the charms on the ground and got a feeling of peace and loving though I don’t know why I got that feeling I’d have to say it was from the witches, and then I got bored of just sitting there, so I decided to sneak into the room and I did. I watched Dahan lieing on the ground saying that the gods will save them and I watched as Dahan said he was willing to do what it takes to save them. Just as some of you are trying to save them, but Dahan didn’t shoot them with a crossbow or try to kill them some other way. Then Octa spoke she said that each must cut Dahan open and sign their name in blood.

Each member was VERY hesistant to cutting into Dahan. Two members I can remember are Meanne and Thorns. Meanne barely even got a cut into Dahan, she was even told to cut better but refused to since she felt she had enough blood. Thorns on the other hand jammed his dagger into his arm and let the blood of Dahan on the ground mingle with his blood on the dagger. Octa wasn’t very pleased with that, but she allowed it. Finally Dahan was cut one last time and he left. Yet he was never struck down like so many people think he was.

Today while in the Town Green I heard news of Moebe and Meanne being slain. This was the last straw for me. The people that did these inexplicable acts are actually worse than the monsters they say the witches are. I got a chance to speak with one of the assailants but he had no answer as to why they deserve to die. The witches haven’t done anything wrong in my eyes. The ones who are wrong are the people that are trying to assasinate the witches.

And now I will leave it to you the citizens of Elanthia to decide for yourself now that you have heard the truth and not a retelling of parts left out. Please choose wisely.

Gwynefair Pridir