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Posted by on 1998 Aug 30 |

Timothy’s Gift

(Crossing, Zoluren: 101 Lirisa 355)

Im not sure wether my tale has any bearing on recent events but I believe this to be the best forum for presenting my questions. I am Bludseek Oxladen, a young paladin who has stumbled upon an intresting artifact.

I happened upon the a man named Timothy one day, a few days before the Gorbesh war. Having arrived in the Crossing only recently and barely beyond a novice in my guild I was intrigued by the commotion caused by the mans presence. After a time I finally coaxed one of the excited people into informing me what was going on.

Many of you must know what Im referring to, Timothy is inclined to give gifts in return for healing herbs. I carefully observed the ritual exchanges and decided to see if I could interest Timothy in one of my riolur leaves. Sure enough, he hands me an exquisite small pewter ring. I fiddled with it … turning and pushing it looking for interesting qualities about it, as I watched others recieve rings as well, which most promtly discarded to the ground as worthless. None recieved anything as peculiar as what I had. But alas the ring seemed to be just as it appeared with no special quality. I went on my way feeling satisfied that Timothy had bestowed on me something special none the less.

Sometime after the war I was appraising various items upon my person when this ring once again caught my attention. I casually looked at the idea that somehow escaped me before. To my shock and amazement there was a description to it as follows: A circle of overlapping pewter dove wings is stamped with the inscription, "Year 351." I was dumbfounded. Surely this has some meaning I thought, so from that time on I have searched for the meaning behind this ring. So far this is what I have learned …

The doves wings represent the Goddess Albreda, she is the god of hearth and home, as well as consecrater of marriages. The year 351, Ive been told, is the year in which Timothy’s home was destroyed by Mgluc.

Aside from this information I have no idea how the ring may be significant. Perhaps it is Timothy’s wife Penelope’s wedding ring? Perhaps it is one of his childrens rings? I can only guess. Some people have suggested it is of no importance to anything and that it may just be a merchant item. Maybe I am searching for meaning in vain. Regardless, I am telling this story to provoke some sort of response from anyone who can shed light upon the mystery. If ye know anything or have an idea please send a note to the Wrens Nest … or perhaps if ye see me about town, stop me and lets chat. Im often in the paladin guild staring at this small wonder.