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Posted by on 1998 Nov 7 |

Voices in the Bard Guild

(Crossing, Zoluren: 375 Nissa 355)

Upon waking today, and a chance walk into the Bard’s guild in the Crossing, I happened upon a strange event. I quicky wrote down what I could;

Amid mixed talking and trying to get a response, we heard this…

A soft voice half-whimpered, "Hurts." A soft voice cried, "Stop. Please stop. Not again." A soft voice said "hurts" then cries "stop, please stop"" It was never determined who this voice was. It never answered us. Then, things turned darker in the room . . .

A silver mist appeared and swirld angrily. Violence seemed to emmanate from deep inside the mist.

A low voice growled, "You will do as I say. You will do it and you will obey me absolutely. You think those fools know where you are? You think they care?" continued the voice. "Even if they knew, they couldn’t stop the least of my forces much less myself. I am your only hope."

We prepared ourselves for an attack, our enchante’s and weapons readied and waiting.

The mist paused its whirling and seemed to take notice of our presence. "So, they are capable of occasional knowledge. Not that it makes a difference." The voice chuckled.

We did not hear the soft voice speak to this mist either, or did it speak again.

The voice grew rough. "I say to you now. What has befallen you before was as nothing. A curse upon your heads, your bones dust, your descendants forgetful of even your name. All this and more shall come to pass."

Eades said, "The bards have been supressed by many a force before, only to rise up and flourish once more"

Larisah said, "has a big mouth..but nothing behind it."

Trian said, "That’s rather impolite."

Tears said, "aye Eades, and we will continue to stand stron now"

The voice chuckled. "My point is made. All this bardic talent and that is the best you can manage? Name-calling and sing alongs? This shall be easier than even I thought."

Kortny said, "The bards have never been repressed before and music will always return to fill any silence."

Ailyssa scoffed.

Tears said, "Tis not all doing the name calling and such"

Eades said, "You boast grandly, but you back it up with nothing"

"We have a fine invader," Arsenon chuckled, "Although invisible."

The mist swirled towards Kortny and seemed to bob mockingly. "Keep telling yourself that. Soon you shall not even be fit to polish the boots of my priests. Perhaps I shall chain you to my throne and allow you to amuse me with your slight tricks."

Kortny laughed, as did others in the room. Larisah frowned in concern.

Kortny said, "Chain me close and I will show you how to dance." Kortny rubbed a diamond-inset shavi.

Eades said, "You threaten you have omniptent power yet you speak to us though a misty portal. We fought back the DP and we will resist you as well."

The voice laughed loudly and the mist began to swirl again. "You begin to bore me. We shall soon see."

Ailyssa said, "So I see no threat here, just hot air."

Tears said, "Well, ye bore us with ye. Iffen ye nae make yeself known"

Kortny said, "I see a mist and I hear words but all I hear are threats that are vague, tell us something concrete."

Eades said, "You’ve made your boast and we have made ours. Now we will see who the stronger force is."

Swirling ever faster, the mist grew dark and power danced in its center. "Fare thee well, children. I have what you want and you shall never find it if you were to seek for a thousand generations. Enjoy what little time you have left."

Without warning, a great wind surged through the area. We were all blown out of the Hall, to land on the ground before Silvyrfrost’s feet. Upon returning to the portal we found it empty of the mist as well.

These are the events as I could recall them.

By my hand,

Eileethan Silverchord