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Posted by on 1998 Oct 17 |

Whispers of Doom Precede Moruryn Attacks

(The Provinces: 285 Skullcleaver 355)

I was sitting with some friends drinking in the Half Pint. My wren feather pick suddenly tremblee. So we rushed over to the lute room and try to get people to join us there. Nothing much happened, so we snag a gate to SCC (the altar I helped restore and got the pick for) and found out it was dusty. So we cleaned it, sang a bit, and then heard these whispers.

"When cleric prayer fails to summon breath……." "When bard songs never tune……" "When barbarians weep in fright." "When empath’s touch brings death. " "When traders all collapse in ruin."

Not long after it, these, these THINGS appeared in the SCC chapel, 4 of them. They didn’t attack and first, and neither did we. We hung back trying to see if we could get any sense out of them. Other than a parody of sign language, they didn’t talk. Then they attacked. The poison from these guys singers is *Very* nasty.

The dobek moruryn looked like a relative to the classic scorpion that has grown to a phenominal size. Rivaling a ram in mass, the moruryn has been know to kill and eat almost anything it could sink its pincers into. Legend suggests Urrem’tier created them to protect the caverns from any intruders and to prevent them from making it back to the outerworld.

A few minutes after we cleaned up, we found out that the gathering at the lute room was also attacked, and fought them off.

These whispers were heard by various people in various places, and continued to be repeated for a while. Some people heard whispers at first, then a more confident voice, and finally a loud one.

We’re still not sure what it meant, but you can bet a lot of folks will be on the watch for any further tidings of doom.