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Posted by on 1998 Sep 17 |

Who are they?

(The Three Provinces: 167 Uthmor 355)

I know you’ve asked yourself time and time again who the Gorbesh really are and what they really want from us. I myself have thought about it and my mind is still playing with ideas. I used to joke that they were magically pumped up goblins out to get revenge on us for slaughter them in their own fields.

When I first heard of them them I was but a lad and only had heard tales of true warriors fending them off and keeping our streets safe from them. Folks would always tell me of their prized bows and broadswords, o those broadswords with heavy slice, I could only imagine of owning one.

I was taught to fear them and hate them, to watch my back for an arrow from the shadow, if I was ever to hear the thundering of their horses that I should run and warn others. I had not seen one until they declared war on us and I was able to put my skills to the test against them.

But what I saw was something new. Scouts and Assassins? Soldiers and Mages, what’s this? Enchanters and battle spheres?? Where are the O’so famed Outriders with their heavy slice broadswords and wonderful armor? They did not appear at all and it sad to say that even if they did they would have been disrespected as were their commrades, yes they are the enemy but if you cannot respect the enemy then soon you’ll find yourself dead. I can’t say how they really are and I am still working on some ideas but this came across my mind just today when I was looking at my beloved locket that was given to me by wife, it holds her portrait inside but on the outside you see this …

The image of a clenched fist has been embossed on the cover of the locket.

This type of locket is traditionally worn by members of the Snow Elf clan who have taken a vow of vengeance, to remind them of the reason for their vow.

Think what you will, you can brush it off, you can take as something big but be sure that the Gorbesh will be back and will be hunting us and our children’s children, we will never hear the end of them. The sad thing is that even our own wear their armor and wield their weapons, they wear their cloaks and seem not to care. They want to go out and find Gorbesh villages and invade them like they did us but how can you kill the monster without yourself becoming that monster?