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Posted by on 1998 Sep 7 |

Who is Coryn?

(Shard, Ilithi: Shorka 355)

This is a rather interesting little story of an unsolved mystery. One day, while I was pokin’ my nose about in Shard, I came across an Inn, a little south of the main tower.

I’d seen that Inn a dozen times … but on this day, I also noticed a small pathway leading to the stables. A naturally curious fellow, I followed it. I did indeed find the stables, I also found a back entrance to the inn!

The door was locked, alas. Of course, that has never been a problem with me. I whipped out my lockpick, and quick as a jackrabbit, I picked the lock, and entered what appeared to be the bedroom of a man named Coryn.

It actually consisted of two rooms, one which held a map of the city, with odd numbers on it. the other, which had a drawer, a bed … and I believe some weapons hanging on the walls, which alas, would not come off. When I inspected the bed further, I found it had been freshly made, yet had blood stains of large sizes on it. When I inspected the Drawer… which was locked (amazingly, I could pick that one too!) I found a bronken symbol of Chadatru inside it. There was no way for me to get it out.

The only other things in the room were a lamp, and a whole lot of lockpicks sittin’ in a basket. I thought about it a while, and I figgered this guy Coryn, who was apparantly of some high standing at this inn, had been murdered, and that the murder had been in his bed, and had been tried to cover up. An odd thing it was.

Well a few days later, I came back, to take a look, see if anything had changed. I wasn’t dissappointed. The entire path leading to the stable was gone, I had no way to gather more information on what I’d stumbled on… and the mystery may never be solved.

This is all true, just like I say it. Can you help me solve the mystery of the man named Coryn? Look me up some time… and maybe we can discuss it.