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Posted by on 1998 Oct 26 |

Will the Religion of the Thirteen Fall?

(The Provinces: 327 Dolefaren 355)

There has been a recent uprising within Elanthia. It seems to be more subtle than a simple invasion lead by a vile and evil person like Sidhlot or the conquering objectives of the L’Karm and the Gorbesh. This uprising has put the very souls of the citizens of Elanthia in jeopardy.

Due to the danger that I may face if my identity were to be discovered, I must write this account under the shadow of secrecy. The facts are sparse and the rumors abound, but I will relate what I have seen and heard so that you to may be the judge of this impending threat.

A couple of mysterious people, Octa and Moebe, have recently arrived that spoke to a small group of people of an ancient God or Power that supposedly predates Thirteen Gods that we now follow. A smaller group of these individuals appear to have decided to follow the teachings of these people and were part of a secret ceremony to convert them to the followers of this new entity.

These followers have taken up the name "The Acolytes" and can be spotted by the crude wooden ring that they were upon their fingers. If the ring is inspected more closely there are scorch marks whose source has not been identified.

Meanne and other well known citizens now wear one of the rings and Lady Francesse has recently undergone the ceremony to become part of what they are referring to as the "Circle." If esteemed citizens like Meanne turn their back on our Gods and people associated with the Mentors that are to teach our young which path to follow are following these new "Gods(?)," is there hope for the young of our Realms?

Some of this is based on second hand information and rumor, but there is definitely something afoot. Keep your eyes open and your beliefs sacred as you too may be approached to turn your back on our Gods.

Remember, each of you has had your soul protected from the Void by the Favors of the one of the Thirteen that you follow . . .

Praise Damaris and the other Gods of the Thirteen Immortals!