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Posted by on 1998 Oct 12 |

You Don’t Want a War? Then Prevent It!

(Shard, Illithi: 269 Moliko 355)

Last night a Trader delivered more goods to the L’Karm, which ended up in a small battle outside Shard’s south gate. This whole fiasco ended up in the infamous darkly clad Elf getting more goods to kill us with, for his L’Karm soldiers.

I’ll refrain from saying names, but most of the people there were well known now for trying to prevent a battle with the L’Karm, but those people WANTED the L’Karm to have goods. So I’ll make this short and sweet:

If you want to PREVENT another war, then don’t give the L’Karm goods, and for those of you who were supporting this last night, I hope you enjoy the deaths that you will have caused by giving them the supplies.