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Posted by on 1998 Oct 21 |

Young Girl Offers Words of Wisdom in Lute Room

(Crossing, Zoluren: 305 Skullcleaver 355)

Late last eve after the whispers in the night had been heard by all, and after all but a very few had left the Lute room a young elven girl arrived.

Her name was Besita Lagdalen, a commoner. She wore nothing more than a white lace gown and a cut glass wren medallion. She said she was lost and must find her way out.

But then her words became a bit more strange:

"Try to find the hidden meanings in things you think you know, you will be better for it," she said.

With that she waved and tried to leave bit was unable to climb the mound (odd for I did not see her to so when she came in either, she just arrived)

So I offered my aid and she accepted. Storym and I led her to the streets of Crossing at which time she whispered in my ear

"You may find the answer to the riddle, but first you must all stop trying so hard, look for the answers that are plain to the eye."

With that she walked away. Try as I might I was unable to find her again.

Ahhhh something more to think about.