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Posted by on 1999 Feb 17 |

A Few Hints fer Survivin’ an Invasion

(Crossing, Zoluren: – Select Month – 356)

So, yer going ta an invasion. Ya see th’ names flashin’ by as they’re struck. Afore ya head in there swingin yer one-of-a-kind tempered balanced onyx-inlaid broadsword, ya might take a minute ta prepare yaself.

  1. Defluff. If yer plannin’ ta depart th’ instant ya hit th’ ground, stuff th’ little things inta yer pack so yer not standin’ there vulnerable gettin’ dressed fer five minutes. Better yet, stuff th’ little things inta yer vault er have a non-fightin’ friend hold ’em. Deposit yer money. Be prepared ta get dressed in a hurry.

  2. Know where the clerics are. During the Gorbesh war, strongholds/help spots were set up in a few places in Crossin’ besides the Cleric’s Guild, like Gaethrend’s Court and Ushnish Shrine. With th’ invasions in Tiger Clan, the church there became another spot. If ya die try ta get dragged ta one of these places ifn clerics’ve set up there, so ya don’t get buried under 49 other bodies at th’ cleric guild.

  3. Check yer favors. Is killin’ a few goblin archers worth walking over? I’ve seen people depart an’ walk back inta th’ thick a battle an’ die, over an’ over, ’cause they HAD ta get their sentimental item. (See 1. above.) If yer gonna do this, make sure ya have enough favors ta cover yerself. Six is usually plenty. Clerics get annoyed at favorless people who go ta invasions, since they got enough ta deal with without losin’ their own favors ta careless folks.

    Most important:

  4. If you don’t wanna lose it, don’t use it. Nobody’s invulnerable; plan ta die if you go ta fight in a invasion. This means puttin’ away the festie, altered, er expensive weapons, an’ grabbing a 5-silver broadsword er a 2-silver cutlass. Counter th’ graverobbin’ people with throwaway weapons.

A little plannin’ afore th’ invasion kin save a lot a grief afterwards. These measures kin also be used if ya even think there’s gonna be a invasion. So stock up on favors, store that fluff, get those inexpensive weapons blessed, and keep yer eyes open.

Shapeshifter’s advice to questers is also a classic lesson in group coordination and preparation.

You will also find studying up on how the Crossing prepared for the Gorbesh War back in 354 can be helpful if the city needs defending, or even for general information about survival and preparedness.