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Posted by on 1998 Dec 10 |

A Timekeeping Primer

(The Provinces: 109 Lirisa 356)

Our calendar is based on the Victory of Lanival, which is Year 0. The years are named in a cycle of seven repeating creatures, beginning with Year 0, which was the Year of the Silver Unicorn. The Seven repeating creatures in the cycle are: Bronze Wyvern, Golden Panther, Amber Phoenix, Iron Toad, Emerald Dolphin, Crystal Snow Hare and Silver Unicorn.

30 roisaen (Minutes, in High Gamgweth, singular being rois) equals one anlas (hour). 12 anlasaen (hours) equal one andu (day). 4 andaen (days) equal one week. 10 weeks equal a month, and 10 months equal a year.

There are 12 hours in every day, beginning at midnight. The hours are, in order: Anduwen (Midnight), Starwatch, Asketi’s Hunt, Berengaria’s Touch (dawn), Hodierna’s Blessing, Peri’el’s Watch, Dergati’s Bane (noontime), Firulf’s Flame, Tamsine’s Toil (mid-afternoon), Meraud’s Cloak (dusk), Phelim’s Vigil, Revelfae.

As mentioned earlier, there are 10 weeks in each month. Each week is named after a specific god. These weeks are, in order: Kertandu (Kertigen), Hodandu (Hodierna), Evandu (Everild), Truffandu (Truffenyi), Havrandu (Hav’Roth), Elandu (Eluned), Chandu (Chadatru), Glythandu (Glythtide), Faeandu (Faenella), and Tamsandu (Tamsine). Each week consists of 4 days, for a total of 40 days per month.

[OOC Information- One Earth Day equals Four Elanthian Days… So every Earth Day is, in actuality, an entire week in Elanthia. One Elanthian hour equals 30 Earth minutes. So, for you a half hour passes… for your character, that’s an entire hour. With these things in mind, it’s really easy to precisely and accurately convert Earth Time to Elanthian Time, and vice versa.]

There are 10 months, each consisting of 40 days (10 weeks). The months are:

Akroeg the Ram: Named after the Chieftain of the Ram Clan, who set in motion the beginnings of the Empire of the Seven Pointed Star.

Ka’len the Sea Drake: Named after the commander of Lanival’s naval forces during the Resistance War.

Lirisa the Archer: Named after a famous huntress who served the Empire.

Shorka the Cobra: Named after a S’kra woman that helped convince her people to join Lanival’s cause.

Uthmor the Giant: Named after the brilliant Gor’Tog general who helped Lanival win the war.

Arhat the Fire Lion: Arhat was Uthmor’s greatest friend, as well as Lanival’s chief wizard and the founder of the Warrior Mage Guild.

Moliko the Balance: Named after the Eloth woman the created the laws of the Imperial justice system.

Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe: Named after the mighty axe used by Uthmor, given to him by the Dwarven King Memnoch.

Dolefaren the Brigandine: Named after the great ship commanded by Ka’len.

Nissa the Healer: Named after the Elven Empath who helped Lanival during the Resistance War.

Right now, we are in the 356th year, which is the Year of the Crystal Snow Hair. Lanival’s Victory over the Dragon Priests took place 356 years ago. Next year will be the Year of the Silver Unicorn. The date is written in the following form: Kertandu 81 Lirisa 356. In other words: week first, then day, month, and year.

To give the time, write: Phelim’s Vigil, Kertandu 81 Lirisa 356.