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Posted by on 1998 Dec 10 |

Amiss Remains in Stunned Condition after Trying to Unravel the Obelisk

(Ker’Leor, Therengia: 109 Lirisa 356)

I took a visit up to the Obelisk to see what it was all about. As I was studying the curious, and I must add, unfathomable, writings on it, the moon mages all reported receiving a vision. The vision they reported was of an "elderly halfling woman, brow furrowed in concentration, arms upraised. Her eyes widen as she’s outlined in a brilliant corona and begins to fall."

Lady Amiss, in the company of Researcher Taola and Lorethew Arkelli, attempted again to reach through the protective wards of the mysteriously inscribed obelisk artifact which was unearthed up in Ker’Leor recently.

Lorethew Arkelli pointed out that her interpretation of one of the runes was wrong, and that was why she had failed in her prior attempt. Amiss was quick to correct him that the interpretative work was that of Researcher Taola. Researcher Taola was quiet, and seemed embarassed and distraught over the error which had caused Amiss a brief stun.

So, armed with what they believed was now the correction, Amiss plied rays of magic light as if they were threads. The glowing circle of magic which the four wardstones created bent to her will, and with a great effort, they broke up to form the corners of a square.

The square shimmered with bands of color, then flared, and Amiss stood outlined in a corona of bright light. Her eyes snapped open in surprise and she fell to the ground in a terrible stun.

Quite a while later, she was still stunned. Researcher Taola took her to an empath, and Lorethew Arkelli promised the finest care that the Lorethew themselvs could find to help her recover.

There has been no further word on Amiss’ health.

At least part of the warding surrounding the Obelisk seems to be gone, though. Wood Trolls are no longer afraid of the area, and there is no dampening of magic perception or use around it.

Moon Mages reported feeling a disturbance in the lunar magic after Amiss was done.

It was pretty shocking to see Amiss fall in the same manner that the moon mages had seen in a vision, though.