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Posted by on 1998 Nov 29 |

An Account of the Summit at Leth Deriel

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 36 Akroeg 356)

I had reservations about telling this story. Certainly everone else does, or this story would be out already. At any rate, I am going to make this brief.

It had circulated among some persons that Morganae sent a missive to Darius, telling that there would be a summit at Leth Deriel, which Ralel would attend. At this summit, he would be arrested, and the paladins would be needed to stop any attempts at escape.

Well, the day came, and many people sat in front of the Sana’ati Dyaus Druitas waiting for some sign; myself included. After all but a few stalwart souls had left, Ralel happened upon the scene with Kerilidail. I must say my heart leaped into my throat upon seeing him. I did not quite know what to expect. My excitement was further enhanced when he requested that I stand with him in these proceedings.

After what seemed an eternity of thought, I nodded to him, and from a pouch he carried, he gave me an onyx ring bearing the insignia of the Reformation Party. After recruiting a handful of other elves, we proceeded to wait for the envoy from the governments of the realms. As we waited, we apoke together, becoming acquainted with one another. The patience of many people was strained while we waited, but finally the envoy Haragil appeared, along with the citizens he has recruited to speak with him at the summit.

After reviewing his credentials, everyone sat at the table and the debates began as to who would own Leth Deriel at the end of the day. Many good points were raised by both parties, far too many to list here.

At the end of the bargaining, Haragil explained that stance of each province: Zoluren was filled with strife, as it was the battleground, and wished to see things resolved peacefully, Illithi had an interest as the elves, and their allies the elotheans, are its primary residents; Therengia’s interest was in maintaining the trade roads open. Despite this, Haragil drew forth a scroll penned by Morganae, declaring Ralel an outlaw and decreeing that none of her subjects were to aid him. At that point, Haragil ordered Ralel’s arrest, and he, Kerilidail, and those of us who supported him, all fled.

As we tried to flee, we were intercepted by mobs of angry citizens and by provincial guards, who not only tried to stop us, but randomly clubbed onlookers. We tried to fight our way out, despite the confusion. In the chaos of it all, I saw Ralel fall at the hands of Dseth and Wildmann. I aimed for Dseth with my crossbow, but though better of it and instead took Kerilidail by the hand, leading her out of the battle, along with my friend Shadowleah. She was most distraught at the death of Ralel, and wished to go back for him, although I convinced her it would lead only to her own death.

We then took her to my place of residence, where she rested and received provisions before leaving on her journey home. Meanwhile, it was said that Ralel’s forces had come to his aid. He was returned to life, and upon this miracle, started drop spheres of poison, and his troupes did battle. I do not know what he said before leaving, I imagine it was rather menacing.

At this point, the normal actions were taken to repair the damage done by the day’s events. I returned to Leth Deriel, and partook in brief debates as to who was in the right, before I finally to sleep, and ending my account of the day’s events.