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Posted by on 1999 Feb 22 |

Ball turns to Brawl!

(Theren, Therengia: 396 Nissa 356)

‘Ello Baresh, I was back near Theren again, and thought ya might like to know a lil story involving a dispute and a ball between two houses, Hedeon and Thistlebriar.

You might remember someone telling yah’ of caravans bearing Thistlebriar’s family crest awhile back. Well, these caravans held decorating and food for Saturday nights ball, which was quite an intresting one…

So, like I said I was in Theren, awaiting this ball I had heard about. I could already see servants preparing, chef’s screaming about there burning pies, which was all in good fun. Then, a lord of the house Hedeon arrived, Valkrin to be precise. He got to talking to us, and made a comment that did not sit well with me for that moment, and the rest of the night. I hoped members of the other house would be more kinder then the one I had mat, and I was right.

Later on that eve, as I watched servants hand-feed Valkrin as if he was a child, I met Lord Damerron of the house Thistlebriar. We had got to talking, and I guess we became friends. I met his son Jarod, who was a good man. I talked with them quietly as the ball went on, then shock! The servants revolted and a verbal fight broke out between both houses. I accompanied Dammeron and his house, as well as some others to the amphitheter after much trouble getting out of the keep. The house Thistlebriar soon took rest, and I went back to the keep to see if the Hedeon’s still remained, and they did. Lord Torsten was arguing with many a folk who witnessed the nights passing on, and I was shocked on how these supposed "Lords" acted.

I do not know much about what happend at the Keep while I was away, but wish to find out. Well Baresh, I must be off…I guess even Lords can act like children at times eh?