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Posted by on 1999 Feb 11 |

Baroness, Servants, Caravans.. Oh my!

(Inbetween Langenfirth and Therenborough, Therengia: 360 Nissa 356)

Hey there Baresh, some strange things afoot way up north. I was on my way to Therenborough when I saw this:

Seven or eight caravans suddenly groan their way past you on their way to Therenborough Keep. All are richly gilded in goldleaf and silverbark even though they seem to be simple cargo loads. The apparent leader of the caravans bears flags and tabards honoring allegience to the Baron and the Baroness of Therenborough while underneath are inscribed the words "The House of Thistlebriar".

A small, stout Human woman in full royal garb flails her hands from the first caravan and yells, "The next turn is to the west! We need to drop the food by the servants’ quarters but the decorations go in the Great Hall!" The servants grumble and continue on their way.

"Have you heard anything about this Baresh?"

All Baresh could do is shake his head, mystified, though. And pass Esse’s information on to you, too, of course!