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Posted by on 1999 Jan 14 |

Calm Before the Storm

(The Forests of the Provinces: 246 Moliko 356)

Well Baresh its me again. Please give me the usual some of your finest elven wine. Well your going to ask anyway so I’ll tell you I’ve been out searching for that passage to the new province that is rumored to be around. It’s been a not to exciting week huntings been slow and those darn critters are feeling a little easier. I’ve never seen it this quite in Elanthia. I’ve traveled all the way from Theren to Shard everything is so normal to normal if you ask me.

"Yummy wine by the way."

I really believe something big is going to happen. I myself know better I’m preparing myself for all to come i’m getting all herbs and putting them in my herb pouch, I’m stacking up on favors got 10 so far more to go. I’m putting all my nice fluff in my vault getting healed up. I have my cheap weapons all blessed ready for anything. Don’t know if anyone else is doing it but if they are not they are darn fools. People keep mentioning new province has been found but I say to hell with the new province all that is going to bring is evil. A bunch of Savages in those islands that are supposed to be found. I don’t trust no one except myself and the forest. Don’t get me wrong I got friends but should only really count on myself only. Is it just me Baresh am i paranoid or what. Have i been out in the wilds to much. I always make sure I’m watching me back.

Well Baresh, I say one thing that can come out of this new province is it should have some fine wine, beer and grog for us. I’ll keep you posted on what I find ok Baresh? Be well and here’s a silver for your troubles Nimmo