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Posted by on 1998 Dec 25 |

Consumption or Bad Cold?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 167 Uthmor 356)

During what I believe was the second day of the disease spreading over the realms, I myself contracted it from some passer by. I had seen and heard of the deaths it had caused and began to worry somewhat when I heard someone of Fandella’s stature had even fallen to it.

I happened upon Jeanet who also had the disease and we both decided to leave town untill things were better under control. Jeanet had the disease for awhile by then, but had suffered no real damage from it and it seemed to be getting better. I myself at the worse only felt slightly battered and coughed up a little blood once along with a few minor coughs. Both of us regained our health after awhile and the disease completely left us.

Now after saying that, I must also report that a close friend of my family who is a bit young also became infected and died within 5 minutes . . .