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Posted by on 1998 Dec 24 |

Emergency Situation in the Realms

(Crossing, Zoluren: 163 Uthmor 356)

There is a disease ravaging the realms! People are dying faster that at the front lines on any war. There is too many sick to count and no safe place to hide, Baresh. This might be one of the last unaffected Taverns in the Realms.

This disease is bad. It starts with a cough and congestion and before soon you’re coughing up blood. Then your neck starts to bleed with internal as well as your chest. Empaths are doing what they can but they are sick too. This also shows how ignorant we are when we cant even set up quarantine. The mines were safe but Tuman just reported an infected person running around in there.

Ithor and riolur as well as hisan help but will not cure totally. But it slows it down. I tried to buy some and pass it around but people are too busy running around enjoying it, of all things!

It has been said that it does not follow death. I am unsure of this…

There is also this titbit, Lexington, a paladin told over the gweth how he saw a Gorbesh commander or Gorbesh commander ghost. This I know nothing about.