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Posted by on 1998 Dec 24 |

Epidemic of Deadly Disease Hits

(Crossing, Zoluren: 163 Uthmor 356)

The Crossing was infected by an awful epidemic. Mistletoads seem to have been the source of it, but it is spreading in the very air as people die, coughing up blood. Quarantines are encouraged, and quickly!

You become congested, and many people died if they were not healed from this virulent infection that attacks your chest.

Careless people who were infected, ran off, spreading it with them … people hunting in gargoyles reported catching it from a passerby, several guilds were infected by people who brought it in, and someone also transported this awful thing to Riverhaven.

Help contain the spread of this, and do what you can to help! Bards can Lilt, Paladins can cast courage, people are foraging up riolar, and using ithor and hisan salve for the various internal bleeding and scars and such.

It is evidently highly contagious, and if you are around someone who is coughing up blood, you will likely get it.

Empaths were swamped, clerics are risking their own life to help others, and many dieing with it too. This is awful! People are still dieing, all over. Many of them several times.

If you are still unaffected by it, you may want to remain where you are until this epidemic passes. If you catch it, don’t spread it!