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Posted by on 1999 Feb 10 |

Fylgja at it again?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 356 Dolefaren 356)

"Allo there Baresh.." Erieck casualy states as he enters the bar-room and takes a seat at the counter and tosses a couple bronze upon the counter. "Just give me something light…mayhapsa cup of iced coffee…been hittin the sauce a bit much lately.."

Erieck sips quietly from the cup placed upon the counter. "Boy oh boy…sure hope the realms ain’t in for it again….guess I gotta small story of sorts to relate to ya and the Wren’s Nest.."

"Couple days ago I was going about my routine…woke up…got my gear together and headed out ta practice the pallie skills…ya know…armor, parry and all that…"

Erieck takes another sip and seems to consider for a moment. "Anyways, I’ma native of the Langenfirth-Therenborough area but been spending some time down Crossin ways for the hunting and to visit some friends…."

"One of my fav places down here to practice is leucros so I struck out for there. Things were running amight slow in there so I was listening in to my gweth."

"’Bout the first thing I sense is Kalira mentioning that the Thirteen-point stars that some people recieved when helpin out the altar restoration a few years back are actin odd…."

Erieck straightens slightly and takes another drink "I asked what was goin on and was informed that the stars from the Lemicus Shrine had glowed green and displayed visions of fylgja…."

"I promptly got myself outa leucros and hauled tail back to Theren….I helped restore Lemicus Shrine anda hada star…but I had left the star for safekeepin in my vault up there during an invasion."

Erieck grimaces slightly "I suppose I probably shouldn’t have done that….probably shoulda kept it on me…but I hated the idea of losin it thru some twist of fate…"

"Anyways…….I dashed north and grabbed the star and a specialy blessed weapon that was used in the altar restoration ceremony then came back south"

Erieck chuckles softly "welp I was feelin a bit tired after makin a run like that so I tooka nap fer awhile. When I woke up I struck back out to where I wasa gonna go initialy..leucros…"

"After a bit of practicing and such, the star began to glow a rather sickly shade of green…I quickly dispatched the leucro on me and got the star outa my cloak….:

Erieck frowns and takes a slow drink from his cup "I looked at the star and oh gods, talk about odd…saw my refection in the star…but it was of my corpse."

"Figured then that I’d best get to Lemicus Shrine and see if anything was going on er would go on….."

"Once I was out there I stood…er heck swam about and watch the shrine…nothing going on, but the gweth began to perk up with news of fylgja and wir dinegos at the cemetery…"

"Figured I’d best sit tight at the shrine…from folks on the gweth it sounded like the situtation was well in hand. After a good while, I headed back to town to see my wife.."

Erieck finishes up his drink and sets it on the counter. "We went walkin past the temple ruins and saw a mess of dead folks..then I heard it on the gweth…the critters were tryin for the temple…shortly thereafter, the all clear was given"

"Welp Baresh, thats about all I know…did hear that the critters mighta taken advantage of dirty altars er something to attack now..but I dinna know for certain on that…" says Erieck as he slowly rises and draws his cloak about him.

"Take care Baresh and beware glowing green stars…." Erieck starts out for the door and turns slightly as he opens it "oh and vera nice coffee…good stuff.."